Schutte USA

Multi-Spindles: PC Series

PC Series of multi-spindle automatics

Highly efficient production tools that manufacture high-quality complex turned parts. Flexibility assures production of small and medium-sized components just like mass-production. Functions range far beyond turning situations, allowing complete machining of the workpiece--including threading and milling, polygon turning, off-center drilling, and full CNC control capability.
  • High-precision spindle drum positioning, using a 3-part Hirth coupling
  • Machine base and spindle housing in a vibration-resistant mineral cast compound
  • Powerful, centralized spindle drive with optional, variable auxiliary speeds, spindle stop and speed-controlled C-axis in all positions
  • High-performance, servo-hydraulic linear feed drives with direct position feedback systems, for high precision positioning
  • CNC compound slide function for the machining of the second side of the work piece, as standard